Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Let me fill you in on the last few weeks!

In the last few weeks we have traveled to W-town twice or so. Our first stop was to see our new niece Avery! Of course I took pictures while Matt and Avery posed! Mommy, daddy, baby, and puppy dogs are doing well!


Our first gift for baby Avery, a little box to put all her little treasures in!

My 10 yr high school reunion, all dressed up!

All the pets have their shots up to date!  Regan went with Matt early in the AM while I was sleeping, but it is more pleasant with both of us when we take the cats. 

NeoTech's favorite thing to do at the vet is hide....

Kiker likes to lie on the paperwork.

The cats are ready to travel!

Regan's new travel kennel!

The packing continues!

NeoTech wants to be packed in a box or in a kennel and get on the way to PA!


My summer purchases!

New Flip flops!!!! (on sale too!)

New book to get me organized...

And it all begins with a shiny sink!


State Soccer- Maize Girls!  Shea is the one in the neon green! GO SHEA! Waiting to hear from Shea on how the second game went to see if Maize got 3rd or 4th place in the STATE!!!


Last weekend we dropped off our dresser to Jojo and Tim at their NEW home, loaded up our last and final bit of stuff from my parents' storage shed, had lunch with my mom at Saigon (yummy local W-town restaurant, order #50 and a side of ckn spring rolls- they're the best), and then stopped at another W-town spot, the nifty nut house before heading home!

Later this week we will be house BUYING, Matt will be signing his life away at E-town College HR as well as getting insurance set up, I will be interviewing at Hershey Med for a Neonatal Intensive Care position that I am so excited about!, and then we have the final days of packing before we get our moving quote!  

Matt plans to defend his dissertation July 27th!

Please keep us in your prayers!


Ginger said...

Uncle Matt looks good with a baby! :) Thanks for coming to visit!!

Rebekah said...

Yes, yes he does! :)

Stacy said...

Did you find a house? I am so glad you found a job here also.

I didn't realize how much Kiker looks like my cat, if I ever get her out of hiding, I'll send you a pic.

Dory said...

Oh my goodness Bek! That pic, which I saw moments before reading the post title took my breath for a second! I thought.... A BABY??? Few weeks??


lol... thought it was yours. I know it's been a while since I bloghopped but NOT that long! :o)


Julia said...

Nice to see an update on the moving process. All of a sudden relocation has become more real to our family! Hope yours goes well (and I kinda hope we don't have to :o) However, it is nice to know it is all in God's hands and his will is what we desire. Good luck with the interview, etc., etc.

Becca said...

What a great photo of dad and baby!

And a nut house, fun! I love nuts!

Good luck on the house hunt, keep us all posted!

Rebekah said...

@Dory LOL- I laughed so hard reading you post! No, no Matt may have a Phd, but we have not figured out how to be pregnant and have a baby in a few weeks! :)