Friday, June 19, 2009

Not everything can go smoothly.....but things work out for the good!

We had such a successful trip to find a house to make a home, and inspection, signing all the loan paperwork, flights uneventful, and then we landed in KC and made a phone call to Doggy Day Care. The first sentence from the owner of doggy day care was "Did you get my message?"

Regan was running for a ball and so was another dog. Instead of getting the ball, the other dog got Regan's side. The owner of doggy day care was very professional about the situation and by our okay took Regan to the vet to the get process started.

We spoke to our vet via mobile phone while driving home from the airport. The wound would need to be cleaned out since it was a dirty wound (aka dog bite) and need stitches (instead of staples). This meant Regan would need anesthesia. GREAT.....$$$$$$$$

After arriving in Manhattan, we ran a few errands. At 3:30PM we were told the procedure was finished and Regan was recovering from the anesthesia. We were told that we would be able to pick up our puppy dog after 1730.

We picked up Regan, who was still a little "stoned" when she came home, but she seem to have recovered well. Thankfully the bill was less than the figures that were running in our heads, but still a vet bill on top of a boarding fee/doggy day care for a week was more than we had really wanted to spend on the week.

Oh- did I tell you that one of our errands was that we dropped my car off at the dealership because it has been having a funny noise for over 6 months and the air conditioner needed charged?

Well GOD is GOOD! Though we spent more money on Regan than we had planned, the car repairs were only $100! First, the "funny noise" were springs that had broken months ago but were covered by an extended warrantee by Ford! So, there were angels holding part of my car together for the last 6-9 months. I am still unsure exactly what was broken, but Matt seemed relieved that nothing bad had happened earlier with the car.

We had bonus points, so the $150 to charge the AC only cost us $100!


No if we can just keep Regan preoccupied so she doesn't scratch or bite her stitches and obtain another vet bill :)

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Becca said...

Oh poor puppy! And good job on the car! I hope that everything else goes smoothly from here!