Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A corner in the dining room

These are flowers from my garden. "They" call them Snowbell bushes, but I know them as hydrangeas! I've been told they start out green, then turn blue and finish in a pink color- I tried to pick three that showed off the three different colors!
This little corner is in our orange dining room! I love the color- it really isn't as scary bright as it looks in these photos. Can you see the glass door knob! They are on all the doors except for one and I love them! I think my watercolor (no- I didn't paint it, though I did purchase it in ROME!) just pops in this room! Whenever I walk by this corner I look at it and smile.

The watercolor I purchased in Rome (very good Senior high school memories), the vase was a high school graduation gift from a dear family that I kidsitted for, and the little trinket box was from Matt on one of his travels when I was going through a box stage. The table was one of our few pieces of furniture (garage sale purchase) when we bought our first home 6 yrs ago. The candle holder has held many candles, and the iphone- well that's Matt's.

Working on a slide show of more photos!


Jen said...

I am so happy for you guys! I love the orange!

Karma said...

Love the orange walls!