Sunday, August 2, 2009

Good news on the moving truck arriving!

I promise I will post pictures once the office has a desk and MY computer is hooked up!!! :) We got a call from the driver and he said the moving truck should be in our driveway bright and early on the 5th!!! We are so excited!

Weather here is really nice, warm/muggy afternoons but the mornings and evenings are wonderful! We had breakfast on the front porch on the swing this morning!

We had a major rain system come through last night into the evening. I woke up in the early morning (which is weird for a night person) and listened to the rain. It was so peaceful!

Today we bought garden shears and cleared back our hydrangea bush and rhododendrom (sp?) from the a/c unit!

We have enjoyed our nights on our aerobed; but are looking forward to our bed in our bedroom!


Becca said...

Awesome news on the movers! I hope that you are enjoying your new home! Is it true that homes have their own noises and are you getting used to them? How are the neighbors, have you met them yet?

Jen said...

I can just picture you and Matt enjoying your new porch and pruning the bushes in your yard.

Miss you already - but so, so happy for you!