Friday, September 11, 2009

I will never forget!

President Barack Hussein Obama wants to mark this as national service day...Service is a daily, hourly, every minute of my life experience...No, today is different it is a day of remembrance.

I will keep this day a day of remembrance and never forget what people do for our freedom...MY freedom.

I will never forget. I will never forget the horror of watching the planes dive into the twin towers over and over again as the new media covered the story. I will never forget hearing what had happened to flight 93. I will never forget seeing the footage of the Pentagon and realizing how big the building was and looking at the gaping hole in the side of it. I will never forget how my heart ached for the people and Americans on the planes, in the buildings and their families. I will never forget the chaos that occurred at all the airports. I will never forget how I wanted to believe it wasn't happening and that I was stuck in a nightmare or watching a movie. I will never forget having to tell myself over and over again that is was real and it was happening.

I worked the night shift on 9/10, so on 9/11/2001 I was driving home after 0730 (central time). I don't remember having the radio on as I usually would drive in silence to de-stress. Though I was probably thinking about my upcoming wedding and my wonderful fiance'.

The first tower was hit at 8:46 AM eastern time, so as I left work, drove home, walked into the house, ate a snack, took a shower, and went to sleep the world as I knew it would never be the same when I awoke. Around noon or so I re-entered the land of the living and for the rest of the day I sat watching the TV and was shocked and felt numb. I wondered if this was what others felt the day Pearl Harbor was attacked. I could not believe that our nation had been attacked on our own soil AGAIN!

I would be married almost 3 months to the day (12/15/01). I remember wondering what the country was going to be like in 3 months....

Life went on, yet in a different way. This day should never be forgotten!

The above photo was taken at Smithsonian American History Museum, Washington D.C. in July 2005. This was the flag that was on location at the Pentagon after 9/11/01. I didn't us a flash, and was so grateful the museum had such good lighting that the flag turned out so well on my camera. The exhibit documenting 9/11 was very respectful and awe inspiring.

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Becca said...

I agree with you. I had just returned from a trip to Maine, out of the Portland Maine airport right before 9/11/01. I was also dealing with the emotional effects of a miscarriage. I thought that I was dreaming when I saw the first plane hit. But I was wide awake when the second one hit, then the Pentagon and Shanksville. I think this day should be a National Day of Remembrance and Mourning for those who were just going about their every day lives and became victims of people that hate us. I am still stunned and saddened every time I see the footage.