Wednesday, December 9, 2009

2nd snow of the season!! Pics at 0200 in the AM!

Had an awesome night at work and my charge nurse let me go early so I can head out of town early so I can get to Philly so we can get on a plane and head to KANSAS!!! I hope the airways and the roadways are kind to us today!!!

This is what my car looked like this morning. I am so glad to have made sure all my snow gear was ready come October!!! I had my snow brush and my down covered ice scraper ready! Only had to use the snow brush!!! YEA! No ice.....yet!

I could not resist taking some photos when I got home. I love snow pictures! Sorry some of them are a little was 0200 in the morning!

The road crews started heading toward the highway as soon as I got home....figures :) The life of an evening shift nurse :)


Becca said...

Beautiful, but I sure don't miss that kind of weather. It is cold enough here without that white stuff!

Jen said...

Beautiful. I absolutely LOVE snow. LOVE it LOVE it LOVE it!

Jen said...

Sad to have missed you on your trip through Manhappiness. Hope you had a nice trip though!
Love you!