Monday, September 13, 2010

Original artwork is now in the nursery!

Matt painted 2 pieces of art for the nursery. I really love them! Matt told me his inspiration was the shrubs that blossom in the spring and my wedding bouquet! It made me smile when he told me about his inspirations I was so excited to see them!!! Matt worked on them one night while I was at work; so I had to wait a 10 hr shift and then 8 hours of sleep before I got to see them - the anticipation made me even more excited!

Matt never disappoints when he is inspired and is given art supplies! I love his artistic eye. On vacations we "battle" each other to take the most exciting or artistic photos and have a blast doing it!

Spring photo of me (very early pregnant) and Matt's inspiration of our shrubs last spring.

My bouquet

The artwork! I love the colors and it just brightens up this little corner :)

Waiting in anticipation for Baby Skill-it! We only have 7 more weeks until our due date!!!! We continue to ask for prayers of safety and health of all of us as we near delivery!


Karma said...

Very cool! Fits the decor perfectly!

chrisandginny said...

Looks great! Kind of crazy that we're both so close to finding out what we're having :)

Jen said...

Awesome! Great job Daddy Matt!

And you look fantastic, Bek!

Laura said...

Love it! The background colors definately bring to mind Scotch Broom. Good job, Matt!