Saturday, November 19, 2011

Wyatt and the Windy City

The week before Thanksgiving Matt has been going to NCTE since 2007. This was the first year I was able to go on the trip with him, and so we decided to make it a family trip. We've gone out and about to places we can walk- so some places have been out of our reach, just an excuse to come back and visit again!

Dinner at Macy's Walnut Room under The Great Christmas Tree! Such a great family memory.

A few sights walking around Michigan Avenue towards our hotel.

Millenium Park ice rink- maybe next time we can take Wyatt on the ice!

Wyatt will have to see the sites next time, he was sleeping.

We got back to the hotel and Wyatt woke up from his 2 hr nap! He decided to stretch his legs and hang out with dad.

We are truly enjoying our time in Chicago- it truly is one unique city that we hope to visit again. 

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Becca said...

I <3 your photos, looks like a great time! And Wyatt's smile, well that is awesome!