Friday, December 16, 2011

12/15/2001 and counting!

Another post typed in Jan 2012...

Wow, has it really been 10 yrs already? We have had our ups and downs, our highs and lows, our joys and sorrows, but we have made it through all of them together! I am so blessed to have my best friend and my lover in one person! I thank God everyday for such a wonderful husband and now father of our son.

Tonight (one day after our anniversary date) we actually had a babysitter "watch" Wyatt while we went out for dinner.  At this stage Wyatt is going down at 6:30 ish at night. We put him to bed and our babysitter was given the monitor and the remote to the TV.  Wyatt slept for 9 hrs straight that night! He didn't even know we had left for 3 hrs!

We spent our evening talking!  In the middle of our wonderful dinner I told Matt, "This feels weird, my right arm isn't trying to catch a sippy cup, food, or spoon!" We both had a good laugh at the fact of how much our lives have changed in the last year!

To the man I love,

You are such an awesome man and I am so happy to be your wife of 10 years and counting.

A walk down memory lane

10/2001- Engagement photos; 2 months before our wedding!
We both had just turned 21 and 22 in Sept 2001 - we were babies!

 December 15, 2001

Our 1 year anniversary!

10 years is such a blessing!

after dinner and sizing my new watch ( a replacement of the watch Matt bought me 12 yrs ago!) we stopped by Coldwater Creek to model the dress I bought there a week prior. 

A beautiful baby boy sleeping & a babysitter back to her home, means a little bit of celebrating for the happy couple with  a toast of Moet & Chandone, the same champagne we shared after our wedding!

The flutes are from our 7th Wedding anniversary when we left the ice world of Manhattan, KS and sought refuge back in Wichita in a hotel with heat/electricity. We had been surviving in our apt back in Manhattan for over 5 days without heat!

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Devion said...

Just now catching up...You guys both look better now than you did 9 and 10 years ago! HOT MOMMA!!!