Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Back to reality

It's time to start my day at the gym before I go to work this afternoon. I was able to get a run in during my trip to see my now "real" friends, but I am sure Michelle is going to kick my butt! Oh well, the success is showing up and doing my best instead of sitting and doing nothing. If you haven't read my posts from www.rebekahskillen.com I will update you:

My weight started creeping up in the last few years even with my attempts of eating right and exercising.

I had a mild success of losing 10 pounds last year; just to gain it back within a few months

I started running and training to be able to run/jog 5Ks in Feb/April 2008

I started Weight Watchers in August 2008

I jogged/ran my first 5K in September 2008 with my super spouse!

I jogged/ran/conversed at my second 5K with my middle sis Jojo in October 2008

I have lost almost 14 pounds as of Thurs Nov 6th 2008!

I continue to meet with my trainer Michelle weekly to voluntarily/pay to push me and keep me going.

So, as the weather gets colder I have to stay persistent so when it starts to get warmer I can sign up for more races!


Shannon said...

You go girl! (Says the girl who slept in this am instead of going to the gym.) :)

Jen said...

Proud of you!