Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hanging of the greens at my parent's house!

On Friday morning (well 11:45 AM-that does count as morning, right?) my sisters and I gathered at our mom & dad's for hanging of the greens!
(Sarah got there at 11 and I got there at 11:30, JoJo got there from out of town at 11:45) Then we had left overs from Thanksgiving. After that we hung the greens!

Sarah had worked the 3-11 shift on Thanksgiving. She woke up early to spend time with mom, JoJo and me; I was so happy :)

I know I am not a very tall person, but in the last few years I begin to feel really tall when we put up the tree. I remember when I was little and could not reach the top- I thought it was soooooo tall!

My mom's kitty cat Pumpkin thought he might help JoJo tie all the bows on the tree skirt. I think he helped untie a few!

This nativity was painted by my paternal grandmother who passed away in 1983. Putting up the nativity is a very special time for my sisters and I. I don't remember a lot about her because I was 3; but seeing the pottery she has painted and painting pottery makes me feel closer to her.

This nativity scene has been part of our Christmas since I can remember. I think my mom made it so we wouldn't want to touch the one grandma painted!

This ceramic Christmas tree is another piece my paternal grandma painted. For a few years this was our only Christmas tree and it sat on the same china cabinet that it sits on today! Mom and dad would place our presents down below on the floor. Two years ago I painted ceramic trees for my sisters- unfortunately the casts were not as detailed as this one, but I know they love them.

My mom's tree (another paternal grandma heirloom being passed down) is getting bare. She has divided all the ornaments that "us girls" received growing up, so all that is left are her red globes and a few family ornaments. We had a fun time walking down memory lane looking at some of the ornaments and garland we had made for our mom growing up. We thought some of the items were a little childish to put up this year, but of course as a mom she wanted them on the tree.

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