Monday, November 24, 2008

I am thankful that Matt and I have owned a house before

I am thankful that as the time nears that we will be relocating we have had the experience of being homeowners before! I am grateful that when we move we will not have to sell a house in Manhattan, but that we have had the experience of homeownership. Our first home had so many memories. We lived in an apt for the first year of our marriage on the Friend's University Campus in Wichita, on April 29, 2003 we signed the papers to own our first home! We both had good jobs and felt like "we had arrived." We lived in a great school district (Goddard) and Matt taught at the rival district, Maize (which is the district we both graduated from). We were so blessed, and felt we could live in our cute little home for the rest of our lives if need be. Granted, the rooms were a little small and with any children the main level would start to feel tight, but we would manage.

Then Matt finished his Master's degree and I finished my BSN. Matt started thinking about grad school. We decided staying in our cute home and Matt commuting to Manhattan, KS for classes and working full time was out of the question. We prayed about it and believed it was time to sell our first home that had so many memories including our first pet, um I mean pets 2 cats, a puppy dog, and an old grandpa dog at one time (Austin had to leave us before we came to Manhattan).

We learned a lot from buying our first home, packing and moving into our first home, maintaining our first home, moving out of our first home, selling our first home, and making home where we are verses home being a structure. Home will be different when we move away from family; but it will still be home- wherever that is!

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