Wednesday, December 10, 2008

12 Days of Fitness (7 out of 12!)

Today was my day to meet with Michelle! I jogged/ran for 30 minutes with, yes you guessed it- hills and more hills! I kept thinking "what do you want the butt to look like?" as I was running those darn hills (if you have ever done 8 minutes abs or buns you know what I mean). Matt and I used to use the 8 minute tapes- since we don't have a TV right now I have no clue where the tapes are- plus we had used them so much the tracking was so bad we might have thrown them away; but the motto lives we run together and we think we have reached our limit one of us will turn to the other and yell/pant/yell/pant "WHAT DO YOU WANT THE BUTT TO LOOK LIKE" pant pant pant....

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