Saturday, December 13, 2008

12 Days of Fitness (8 out of 12!) Gettin' Closer!

Okay, so I am tardy in my posting....

I went to the gym on Thursday at 5:30 pm for ZUMBA! I really am enjoying this class and I actually look forward to it. It is re-sparking my love of dance, specifically belly dance. I had put dance on the back burner since I could not take classes at my favorite studio in Wichita. I know that there is a place out of the KC/Topeka area that teaches in Manhattan- so I may look into it. I guess I am getting the "Why get involved since I will be leaving in 7-8 months (yes Jen- I know you don't want to hear it...)

The thing is I am not sure when the belly dance classes are, so I will have to see if they work with my work schedule- I know ZUMBA does-it's on my calendar every THURS at 5:30pm! I just hope with the new quarter of classes at the gym doesn't change the time!!!

Well here's to the whole body shimmy! Go out there and get moving!!!!

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