Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Amazing Race....MattBek

Last night Matt took me on an Amazing Race including clues, Road Blocks, and Detours. My favorite reality TV show is The Amazing Race, I have told Matt more than once that I would love to compete on the show with him. We both agree we would provide very good TV considering our very passionate discussions :)

So I got home from my hair appt and bundled back up to get into the car where I was handed the first clue down memory lane. After I figured it out I was given my first destination if I could figure out the clue. "Dinner will be served where the Irish and Mexicans play" It was on the tip of my tongue.. "Carlos O'Kelly's" I needed a few clues just because we had not been there is soooooo long!

After dinner I was given a detour: "Roll the Ball or Roll the Film" The written clue was about hitting pins. The audio clue was the song with the lyrics "I come from the land down under." Indicating the movie Australia.

Initially I chose to Roll the Ball- but then we drove by the bowling alley and realized it was probably league night so we headed to the Movie Theater. We bought tickets and went to a dark theater where there were no ads playing, nothing.... After about 10 minutes an employee came in and told us they couldn't get the projector to work; so they would return our money....So we remember there is a bowling alley at the K-State Union.

We went to the Union alley and had a blast.

Road Block--Toast our year with my favorite Sparkling Wine "J" with our flutes from last year! No, we didn't need the coffee in the morning.

After completing the tasks of the day contestants on the Amazing Race arrive at the Check Point and the first one to arrive gets a prize. I received an envelope with a kiss inside it!

We toasted to our year together and all that mushy stuff! When I gave my toast I mentioned that I am blessed to have such a wonderful love, friend, and foot warmer. Then Matt pulled out my final gift, since in the Amazing Race the first finisher of the race receives the final prize!

I have a second (okay actually 3rd) space heater! I have a small ceramic heater that stays in the bathroom, and a large heater that we keep in our bedroom but port it to the front room during the day. Now I have a heater for the bathroom, the bedroom, and the front room!!! Thank you so much baby! We had talked about buying this 3rd heater a few months ago.

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