Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Can you think of email/chat room short hand?

So my hubby and I were leaving Starbuck's on Saturday on my way to work. sidebar-I love it when I pick up a shift and he is able to drive me and pick me up: the walk in the cold is short and the car is warm! Plus there is usually a stop for a hot drink or something on the way to work (this particular day we had dinner, and dessert was a non-fat ginger spice latte! yum!)

Anyway the point of writing: So the conversation went to what LOL means. My understanding is Laugh Out Loud- but at one point (earlier in our lives) we both thought it meant Laugh On-Line!

So anyone have any other shorthand notes that I could learn. I am not a mother of a tween or a mother of anything except four legged pets; but I want to be in the know. At this moment there are not many that come to mind when it comes to email/chatting but I do have a few due to nursing shorthand. Please and feel free to comment and add others:

ASAP- as soon as possible
SOB-haha Shortness of BREATH the new version is SOA-Shortness of Air
BLS- basic life support
ACLS-advanced cardiac life support
CVA- CerebralVascular accident (AKA Stroke)
AKA- also known as
ABG-Arterial Blood Gas
AMA-Against Medical Advice
TIA- no no no not T & A- Transient Ischemic Attack (Aka some call it a mini stroke- we call it the calm before the storm)
T&A- tonsils and adenoids (not the other thing.....)

I could go on, but you can see I do have some shorthand knowledge, but not the knowledge I need to understand Facebook, blogger, email/chat shorthand....any help would be appreciated- LOL :)

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Christine said...

I think it's Laugh or laughing out loud. Then I know OMG, Oh my gosh, and then that's about my extent.
c :)