Friday, January 2, 2009

Sending out a prayer request for my maternal grandpa!

I received an email this morning from my mom. She had received it from Ann, grandpa's wife. Sounds like my grandpa will be spending the first month or so in surgery and recovery...He and I would appreciate your prayers!

This was Ann's email:

Dear Family,

Your Dad took a tumble on his usual morning walk with Lacie, slipped on a
paint-covered graffitti slope and broke his right wrist. He's been treated
in the ER, and must see an orthopedist on Tuesday - looks as though he will
have to have surgery - the radial bone fractured and a piece of fragment
from that cannot be put in place without open reduction, it seems. Please
say a prayaer for proper placement and healing - thanks so much - Love, Ann


Becca said...

Praying that the surgery and recovery go well.

Jen said...

Prayers are on their way up!
Hoping for a speedy and comfortable recovery!

Shannon said...

I'm praying too!

Christine said...

prayers sister....