Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Huge Money Saving Tip-as long as you don't mind looking like a wino!

One way to save money and have good sturdy boxes is to call the local liquor stores and ask to take empty boxes off their hands.  It doesn't cost you a thing (except for the gas for your car) and  you get very strong boxes with dividers! When we moved from Wichita to Manhattan I did this; not one of my pieces of glassware was damaged! Boxes with dividers for glasses can be upwards of $7-14 per box at local retail stores!  You aren't paying for the box, you are paying for the dividers!

Today I went to a local liquor store and filled my car with EMPTY boxes. Not only will I use them for glassware, but I can take the dividers out and use them for other items. The store I went to told me I can come back anytime to pick up more. The other perk for liquor boxes-they are all similar sizes-not too big and not too small- the perfect size!

After we move I will take my FREE boxes to the local recycling place.

My motto: I go green when it saves me green!


boys never grow up said...

I really don't like it that you guys won't be moving back to wichita. You can't just leave us behind. Oh well. Have fun and please keep in touch. SOOO Jealous Tiff

Rebekah said...

We will always stay in touch with you guys! Maybe your hunter hubby will need to check out the hunting in the NorthEast and then you and me can go shopping in Lancaster or even Philly!

Christine said...

That's a great idea...I never thought of that. I will miss seeing you at work, but we can keep in touch like this....when are you moving for sure?

Jen said...

Amen sista! Liquor store boxes are the best!