Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Prenatal Vitamin!

I tried to take prenatal vitamins before; what went down came right back up! I just could not bring myself to try to take those again. Since I am "of that age" I should have been taking a prenatal vitamin for the last 10 years! Since we are getting more serious about having children I told my doctor about this affliction to prenatal vitamins. I love my doc's creativity, she told me that some women who can't keep prenatals down take Flintstone Vitamins!

So, now I am taking Flintstone Vitamins daily and of course I am keeping them down! :)


Brandi said...

Just for the record, your title got me all kinds of excited cause I had no idea anyone took those prenatal things when they weren't pregnant! :)

Shows you how much I know! Haha.

Good luck finding a vitamin that works for you!

Rebekah said...

Since spinal cord brain stuff starts developing within the first wks of pregnancy "they" suggest women of childbearing age be on a prenatal or at least a vitamin due to the lace of folic acid in our "normal" diets. Folic acid plays a significant part in fetal development. I am starting now to get me in a daily habit for when I really need them!

Becca said...

I use Centrum Chewable vitamins. Taste much better and go down easier than regular vitamins!

Jen said...

I take prenatal vitamins for my hair and nails. No more babies for me, but I can attest to how awful they are.

Devion said...

You had me all kinds of shocked. Silly.

I took Flintstones through both of my pregnancies and breastfeeding...when I remembered. If you need something more hard-core, but easier on the tummy, you can ask your dr about Prenate Elite. They were the only ones that didn't make me sick, but I still preferred the Flintstones. Two iron transfusions and a blood transfusion later...should have used the real deal!!! :)

On a different note, sorry I'm just now checking back in with you. I did read about your move and all in between kid stuff. They've been awful sick with colds/pneumonia/ear infections. But, I DO love you and hope that all is well. I will try to call you SOON!

Ginger said...

I hadn't heard about Flintstones for prenatal vitamins! That's awesome - I had both good and bad experiences with prenatal vitamins, but ended with a generic one from Wal-Mart that doesn't bother me at all - let me know if you want the info on it! :)