Monday, September 14, 2009

Any suggestions?

At the end of our basement stairs we have light fixture? Not sure if there was any intention to ever make this a true fixture. Any ideas on how make this a little easier on the eyes?


Brandi said...

Yikes! That is a tough one...

I bet if you get a little creative, you could get some of that plastic cover they use on flourescent lights. You could just get a cover that is slightly bigger than the hole and just slide it between the fixture and the ceiling finish.

That would be my solution cause it's probably MUCH less expensive than buying a whole new 'fixture' :)


Sina Brent said...

I would probably go look at square fixtures or a circular one that would cover the hole, at a hardware store. I am pretty sure that would be the easiest way. I know that is what Aaron and I would do it we had it.