Monday, September 21, 2009

A glance back and then facing forward...

For those of you in Manhattan, KS that were able to come to our Send off Party and signed our "guest book"- this is the final product! It is hanging in our living room right now and I smile at it every time I walk by and read a comment or two. We had so many fantastic memories with all of you!

Looking back at my first week of orientation at Penn State Hershey Med I have a rainbow of emotions. First, I am avoiding the scale because I ate salt & vinegar chips and chocolate as well as cheeseburgers/fries most of the week...ugh. I did find that the cafeteria has's not fresh-fresh; but it does hit the spot when I need a sushi fix:).

Emotions of looking at the scale is one I don't want to deal with right now....Though I have been going to curves for the last few weeks and have made at least 3 visits/week!

I am super excited to get in the ER and meet the people I will be working with. There are 3 other ER nurses and one flight RN in orientation that I have met. One of the nurses was agency in the ER and is coming back as a Hershey nurse. She has given all of us and extra insight in what to expect in the ER. All of the nurses in our orientation are experienced; so we all have stories from our previous jobs and have had a lot of laughs together.

I have been off for over 1.5 months and I have truly enjoyed it; But I am so looking forward to working! Here's to getting back into a routine of balancing work, family, church, Curves, cooking, blogging, skype-ing, laundry, dishes, pets, and everything else!

Hope my brain is ready!

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