Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Penn State Hershey Med Emergency Dept

So I stepped into the Penn State Hershey Medical Center Emergency Department today! We (myself and another new coworker) went over all the new charting- which seems to be user friendly! YEA!!!

We were also able to ask our director a few very important questions including the all important scheduling and vacation requests! An 80 hr position came available the first week of my orientation and I let my director know I was interested. Meeting her today she asked me when I wanted the position. I said the sooner the better! It will go into the computer Thursday!

I passed BLS without any difficulty this afternoon. YEA, again!

After getting back from BLS my coworker and I started our scavenger hunt negotiating the 65 bed emergency department. It's huge! I feel like I need a pocket map just to figure out the halls and pods. I am able to find my way around; but it takes a little bit!

Looking forward to more successful and learning days in the E.D.

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Becca said...

It sounds like you made a very good choice! 80 hours, is that a week?