Saturday, September 26, 2009

A day in the ED and the Best Birthday gift for a NIGHT shift worker!

Yesterday was my second day in the ED. I am feeling much better about being there. As "things" would come up I would check with my preceptor on my thought process of why things were done and I am figuring out a few things specific to the charting.

So a typical day in the ED is what I had yesterday. We, (mainly my preceptor- but I did get some hands on time) admitted a pt for a fall and for placement, admitted a pt with psych & pseudo seizures, admitted a pt with documented hx of epilepsy with status epileptics, a pt /c hx of TIAs that had fallen and planned on going home and did, a pt /c hx documented GI issues who received pain meds and left with a steady gate, admitted a pt who couldn't remember what happened last night but woke up with literally a hematoma encompassing the R side buttock- this pt received Vitamin K and FFP. 4 traumas arrived at the same time around 1700- not our patients, but it just was a day at the ED for everyone working there. And after not starting an IV for over 2 months, I started one yesterday through scar tissue and saved it, drew blood from it, and got it on the first try!

Can you say confidence builder! The pt makes this statement as I am placing the needle to the skin..."They usually have to have a PICC placed"...Woo Hoo I got it on the first try with a peripheral IV!

The pace is amazing and not too overwhelming..yet!

So after 12 hours of working and observing I head home to a cleaned house and a hubby waiting for me to change into some "pretty clothes" so we can go out to dinner at one of my favorite places!

As I come down the stairs changed and ready to go Matt has a beautifully wrapped gift in his hand. I smiled and said, "What, I thought my shopping spree at the outlets was my birthday gift."

His reply, "You have to have something to open on your birthday,"

We have great conversation about our day on the drive. We arrived in the Houlihan's parking lot. And he asks me if I want to open my gift.

I do and it is this:

If you don't know what this is you are missing out! It is a sleep mate. Info about it is here

It is a white-noise producer! We don't live on a Inner City New York street; but our street does have some traffic. I enjoy the traffic sound as it gently wakes me up in the morning right now. And when I come home from working a night shift and want to get to sleep it is not going to be a welcomed sound. Our Borough also has a volunteer fire dept (which is very common in this area) so the siren that announces the need for volunteers can go off at anytime of day or night. This also means that the fire trucks who zoom by our house sometimes have their sirens on. The solution: the sleepmate!

We were first introduced to the sleepmate when we went to my cousin's wedding in Lawrence, KS at The Eldridge Hotel. It is a beautiful hotel that I would recommend to everyone. In our hotel room was this sleepmate machine. We tried it out and loved it!

I know for some of you this might sound silly to be given as a gift; but I was so excited! I even asked Matt to put it in the trunk so no one would want to steal my sleepmate out of the car while we were at dinner! You are reading a post from a women who was so excited to get a vacuum for her 5th anniversary! It was the newest Dyson and it still is one of my favorite gifts. It is awesome! Now, don't get me wrong. My hubby knows how to pamper me. He encourages me to go get mani's and pedi's often. He let me go on a crazy shopping spree at J.Crew Outlet where I got a complete outfit and an extra pair of pants along with 2 nightstands from Pottery Barn Outlet. The sleepmate was the icing on the cake!


Dory said...

Hi Bek! Sounds like you're settling in nicely. I'm so happy for you!

About 10 years ago, my hubby and I got used to sleeping with a small fan that makes a yummy white noise humming sound .... it faces the wall most of the time, not us - we just use it for the noise. We've been through several of them over the years. lol (wear 'em out!) so I can totally relate to how excited you are about your sleepmate!

What a considerate hubby!

Dory said...

Duh. I forgot to say:

Happy Birthday!!

Jen said...

Sounds like a great present to me!

Karma said...

Not a clue what that entire first half or your post medical people! ;)

Chris used one of those when he worked nights, they are a huge help! Happy Birthday Rebekah Lynn!!

BEK said...

@ Karma- gotta love HIPPA! Can't spell it out, gotta keep it in code and confidentiality :)

Devion said...

Well, I hope that you got my text on your birthday, because I did send you one. I've been checking for updates and...nada. No updates. I have updated a lot, it's your turn! :)