Sunday, October 11, 2009

Welcome to my pumpkin patch!

It's FALL! I love the fall! Here is Etown the weather has just been fantastic! We have had a few rainy days; but that helps me water the mums I planted! the lows have been around the 40s-50s but the middle of the day hangs around the 50s-60s and I LOVE IT! The leaves are starting to turn and some have already fallen. Regan and I crunch them underfoot when we take walks.

We have put up a few fall decorations and I love seeing the welcome sign in the yard. It just makes me smile knowing this is my home. We are truly enjoying our first fall in PA!


Stacy said...

Fall in PA is The.Best! Fall is my favorite season and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else this time of year.

Jen said...

Your home and yard look great! Your grass is beautiful!

We have had nice fall weather here, too - until today! It was only 37 degrees at 2pm when we went to Garrett's flag football game!


Miss you Bek!