Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Fruits and Veggies-and maybe a little tofu!

I have started reading Skinny B$t!h (yes that was edited by me-the book uses the real word) by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin. It has some offensive language; but considering the garbage I have put in my body over the last few years I don't need anything sugar coated-literally! After reading a few chapters I realize that a vegan/vegetarian diet is very close to the diet Matt and I lived for over 3 years.

We basically ate smoothies, 2 food replacements, and 5 fruits/veggies per day. We eliminated most soda and increased our water intake. My skin loved it, my clothes loved it, my scale loved it, and most importantly my digestion system was singing the Hallelujah Chorus 24/7!

Life has been very busy (which could be considered an understatement) and is no excuse! But life happened and we went with the flow instead of what we knew was best.

We tried to get "back in the swing of things" over the last few years, but we couldn't get on the same page like before. This last month was the final straw and we have landed back on the same page again. We are ready to get back to our vegetarian/vegan lifestyle.

So here's to getting back on the wagon of fresh produce and maybe a little tofu! :) I found an awesome website: it has some great information and fantastic recipes!


Jen said...

I read Skinny B*tch awhile back and thought it was way too strict for me and my boys. No doubt, it would be effective and super healthy though!

Glad to hear you are well. How is the new job? They can't possibly be as cool as Team Mercy, but I do hope they are a close 2nd! ;)

Miss you guys!

Devion said...

More power to you, friend! I couldn't do it! :) I DO need to do SOMETHING, though.