Monday, October 19, 2009

Waiting for our couch to arrive!!!

After we found out we got the house of course we went furniture shopping we found this awesome couch and it has orange accents! (which compliment our orange dining room!) That was in June! We have visited the store many times since then to make sure we still liked it- and we still do!
So this last week we bought it and it will arrive this week! Matt also found a recliner that he liked and we ordered it. It is a custom piece where we got to pick out the fabric and the stain of the wood. No, it isn't your great-grandpa's recliner. I promise pictures when it arrives. Obviously the custom piece will take longer to be delivered.

We bought our bed off the floor when it was discontinued and our love seat we bought while in Manhattan, KS was an outlet piece. Our bedside tables were outlet pieces as well, so this purchase is a little exciting for me! Finding a recliner that Matt liked and the fact that it looks awesome makes me happy!


Becca said...

Is this what your sofa is going to look like? I am seeing the curved sofa more and more.

BEK said...

This is our sofa- it will arrive in a few days! The recliner will come later and it is a custom piece- so I don't have any photos of it.

Jen said...

I LOVE the sofa! Can't wait to see pics of your living room when it is all together just the way you want it!