Thursday, February 18, 2010

Next on Lost!

The Lost premiere was a significant event at our home. Our friends Tim and Jess came over with their 3 month old yellow lab, Jack. Jess and I had a blast caring for the puppies as Tim and Matt made all the connections with the secrets of LOST!
In preparation for the get together I got a few items from "the vault." These sadly are the only photos I got. The guys were so into the show, that I didn't get any photos of them, the puppies, or us girls.

P.S. I am missing the comment love! Even a smiley face would be nice :)


Devion said...

Did you all really make and apply all of those labels? Seriously? TOO MUCH! You are too funny. I left a comment on one of your posts...did you not get it?

BEK said...

Yes- We even went to the store and bought the adhesive paper! It was a hoot when Jess and Tim came over and saw all of it!

Stacy said...

I don't get the whole "Lost" thing, sorry. But I am very glad to see you posting again! :)

Jen said...

LOL - I wish I could have been there for your LOST party.

It was SO GREAT to talk to you on the phone today! Please call again soon, okay? :D

Miss you & love you, dear friend!