Monday, February 15, 2010

Playing catch up...December Warning...lots of photos

This is what my car looked like before I headed back home to catch a plane from philly to Wtown!
We had snow, but philly was warm enough they only had rain. We got to philly and to Wtown safely!

Once we touched down in Wtown, we began the craziness of seeing everyone we could with the limited time we had. Our beautiful niece Avery with mom and dad Joe and Ginger!

The most amazing principal John Blazek. He was my principle my Freshman through Senior year and I always felt safe going to school. After seeing him over our Christmas break, we found out just prior to the new year that he resigned. No matter what the difference of opinions between people who hated or loved John, Maize, KS has lost an amazing man who kept a school safe while it was under his watch. He encouraged me to be a good citizen and be proud of who I am.

Mickey Gomez, another man who was important in my life and Matt's. Mr. Gomez just moved his Dojo to a new location, so we had to check it out!

The best cheese fries in the country!!! The original west side location: Timberline Steakhouse Wichita, KS!!!
After our dinner with fantastic cheese fries we went to the Maize High Christmas Concert. The tradition is every year alumni go down to the stage to sing the last song, "The Hallelujah Chorus." I was so happy to be there!

We made a point to see my great grandmother Iola Howe. She became the closest person to a grandmother I would have growing up as her daughter, my grandmother died in 1983 when I was 3 yrs old. She would turn 100 yrs old on Jan 9th, 2010. I knew that this would be my last time seeing her in 2009; so I had to see her. On January 23, 2010 she was freed from this earthly body to join her heavenly family that includes he husband Henry and her daughter Jocene Love. She was so happy and looked so good the day I saw her, better than when we left for PA last summer.

Mom and dad also took us to a Shocker's Bball game! We had so much fun!

Back home in PA we began our enjoyment of living in a winter wonderland....

Regan "loves" the gift Uncle Joe and Aunt Ginger gave her!

Though we didn't get to make Christmas goodie bags to our neighbors, we did make fudge. I took some to work where it was a hit!


Devion said...

Thanks A LOT! Now I need to go to Timberline..............

BEK said...

Timberline is the best!