Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pre-Christmas to mid January-Lots of photos...

We started a new tradition. We went to Gus's for Christmas Eve breakfast! Ultimate French Toast- yum!

Our new sanctuary at church with the new cross with and old wooden, rugged cross!
Karen and Rob are awesome and their kids are great! They invited us for Christmas lunch! It was wonderful. We had lunch and then I went to work.
Matt kept his promise and finished our main floors! When we bought the house, the floor molding was missing. Matt purchased the 1/4 round, sanded it, finished it, and installed it. I helped a little, but Matt did a great job!

Final product!

We ordered Matt's chair in October...It came December 30th!

We went to a Hershey Bears game. My first game; but it was Matt's third game!

We received a piano and Matt found a new guitar! I think the music instruments are complete in this house, for now....
Matt with his new guitar in his new chair!


meg said...

I love that chair!

BEK said...

So do we! I love the fact that it is a recliner; but doesn't look like the big fluffy huge ones I remember growing up.