Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Getting back to Kansas and my little sis's baby shower!

I worked Wed night and got off work on time Thursday morning. We got on the train from Etown at 0515. We arrived to the Philly airport a little bit before 0800 and noticed we might be in for an interesting day. Our flight to get back home was suppose to leave Philly at 11:06 on Delta Thursday morning. Well, with the weather our flight was cancelled and we were rebooked to a 6PM flight. We were hesitantly optimistic as Southwest had canceled all it's flights. Matt found the US Airways first class lounge and we were able to have a day pass. I slept on a love seat for 6+ hrs since I hadn't slept since Wed night. Well a little before 6PM our plane arrived and we boarded- but our pilots arrived from Atlanta 30 minutes later (the pilots were to arrived shortly after we boarded-the gate agent said 5 minutes.....) After the pilots arrived we waited and waited. We had to taxi to the de-icer station and then had to get in line to take off. After 2 hrs we took off en route to Minneapolis. We arrived to Minneapolis with 50 minutes to our connecting- success. We arrived to Wtown at 2340 where my parents picked us up. We enjoyed a weekend of family.

These are the de-icer machines in Minneapolis.

Friday evening I went to one of JoJo's shower. It was so much fun to see her with her coworkers. I loved the yellow ducky cake- it was soooooo cute!

Come March I will see my new niece or nephew!!!

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Jen said...

Glad you made it safely back and forth!
Cute shower accessories - love the cake!