Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The tree must come down!!! Action Tree Service is awesome!

What are you doing with your tax refund?

We spoke with our neighbor this last fall and asked him what his thoughts were about taking down the tree. He was thrilled and had hoped the last 2 owners had taken it down!

Tuesday morning Action Tree Service arrived at our home to take down the pine tree on the side of our home. Tim Taylor owner of Action Tree Service came in mid February when we had a dumping of snow. He said he would notify us when the snow had melted enough to take down the tree. Thanks to the nice weather and sunshine while we were in KS, Tuesday was the day!

Here are a few before photos. The big huge tree in between our two homes.

This tree clogs up our gutters and we are glad to see it go!
This tree is almost twice the height of our house! And it drops pine cones and needles that gets all over our porch and onto our floors.
This photo was taken in the spring...I am so looking forward to spring without the big tree!
Here come the trucks and the wood chipper!
And down come the branches!!! Without any damage to our house or our neighbors!!!

Up there is the Tree Man Tim!
The branches are gone, now goes the tree!
Hello Tim- glad you didn't fall down!
The after!!!! In a few more days or so Tim will arrange the man with the stump remover to come over and get rid of the tree stump and the stump from the bush he also got cut down for us!
Once the stumps are removed it will be time to get quotes to redo our driveway......home ownership/maintenance never ends :)

What are you doing with your tax refund? It seems my parent's history continues. My parents seemed to always use their tax refund to help fund some sort of home maintenance/repair.


Devion said...

We are using our's to live and survive in the employment drought. May 1st will be 1 year since Mark got laid off! God has been good, though, and has blessed us enormously!

Sad that the tree had to come down, being so old and all, but it will be such a blessing to not have to mess with it!

BEK said...

Yes it was sad that it had to come down. It was a safety issue as well, this tree was not made for KS winds- which we saw a few times this winter. We found a few large branches in our neighbor's back yard and in our driveway. Thank goodness no one was hurt and there was no damage to our homes. I did enjoy its shade in the summer but it needed to come down because the roots were damaging our driveway. And the weird pine cones and millions of little needles that found their way onto my floors has become a daily clean up! Who knows if the root system is trying to damage our sewer system or water line. We just wanted to make sure our home and our neighbor's home was not damaged by this massive tree and its roots. I still agree it was sad to see a massive tree come down.

Jen said...

I bet Elias Tolentino would have cut it down for you... for a plane ticket and a place to stay! :)

Chandi said...

OMG - your house is gorgeous!!

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