Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happy Mother's Day! A day of firsts!

After flying home on Saturday from Matt's Uncle Steve's funeral we planned a day of fun in Chevy Chase, MD at the Giggle store! Prior to arriving at the store I had my first pregnancy fall... nothing bad, more like I scared Matt so bad that he made sure he was holding my hand for the rest of the time. It did scare me too a little; but I knew the way I fell I didn't hit my belly and I didn't have any cramping or other issues after the fact. I also knew by the end of the evening that I have felt this baby move more than once. I can't wait for when Matt can feel it too!

While at Giggle we had an awesome time and were treated so well by Michael (the store manager) and the rest of the staff. The staff made sure everyone especially the pregnant women in the store had water when they arrived. They also gave every woman a flower for Mother's day. We were so blessed to recently receive a financial gift so we made a few purchases for the coming of our new baby that we really didn't want to wait on. We purchased the above orange crib- I love it soooooo much - and we love the mobile (we registered for it) the colors are even more vibrant in real life than online. We also bought the ever important carseat and a stroller. We are so excited and had so much fun taking the products up the stairs to the nursery. The stroller was out of stock, so we have to wait for it to be delivered. Michael was so awesome and even gave us a goodie bag left over from a previous promotion - we so enjoyed our time at Giggle.

After our time at Giggle we went to the Cheesecake Factory for a late lunch/early dinner that was just fantastic!!! Matt got us home safely on the Maryland/Pennsylvania highways.

We are so excited for this, our first baby. We loved our first actual visit at Giggle, though we have visited the website many times! We enjoyed our first trip up the stairs with baby stuff.

We continue to covet your prayers for a healthy baby, pregnancy, and safe delivery.


Devion said...

No more falls, my friend! :) You've met the pregnancy clumsies. They are...well...interesting, at least! :)

Shannon said...

Oh how fun! I love your crib- so so so fun! Praying for you sweet friend and that sweet baby!