Thursday, May 20, 2010

Spring is blooming!

It has been around the 50-60's the last few days; but over the last weeks we have had some wonderful warm afternoons to enjoy lunch together.

We have no clue what the orange bushes are called; but they are so vibrant! The one on the left may need some pruning this fall. I think the snow bent a few branches.

Regan loves when we spent time in the front yard. She loves watching everything!

Last year when we moved here we saw a bistro set that we really liked- but we didn't have the money to spend since we just moved 1300 miles away with moving expenses. Early this spring we saw a new bistro set and love it even more! Anytime the weather is nice and Matt is home we make a point to have lunch on the porch! The time this photo was taken we have pita pizzas (still cooking in the oven- tomatoes, spices, olive oil, basalmic vinegar, basil, and mozzarella cheese on whole wheat pita), strawberries, green bell peppers, and humus! YUMMMM!


Jen said...

Your yard is so pretty - I love all of the mature plantings. How nice that you didn't have to start from scratch!

Devion said...

Did you make or buy the hummus? I love hummus! I have never made it, but would like to if you have a good recipe! :) Can't wait to see you SOON! If we do our old back-to-back photo, we're going to have some protrusions!!! :)

BEK said...

We bought the hummus. Matt does know how to make a fantastic Chicken Curry; but we buy the hummus :) Can't wait to see you too!