Thursday, July 8, 2010

24 wks!!!

Today was our 24 wk appt. I will be 24 wks on Saturday. The fetal hrt was around 138-142 beats/minute and I am measuring a week ahead! Fingers crossed for a 10/23 baby, hoping our little spook will arrive before or after Halloween and not on Halloween! Oh and according to the scale at the office I have gained a whole 3 pounds in the last 4 wks! Yea me! Glad to see a gain instead of a loss!

Over the holiday weekend one thing Matt did was put up the curtains in the nursery. They have a thermal/black out lining and we truly have noticed the room being cooler since we put them up.
The glider arrived 2 wks ago and it fit through the door!!! For those of you who have heard the story, yes I did have a pregnancy breakdown of worry that the glider we ordered would not fit through the door and was freaking out. We are able to laugh about it now, but I think Matt got baptized by pregnancy hormones that day. Sorry babe :)
Baby Skill-it is starting to show even more!

Again we covet your prayers! We continue to await with anticipation the fall of 2010!


Stacy said...

My niece was born on Halloween. She will be 7 this year and thinks it the coolest thing that everyone dresses up for her

Devion said...

A) I almost bought that shirt. B) The meltdowns will keep coming throughout the pregnancy and perhaps until you're done nursing and weaning. C) You are actually looking a bit pregnant, my friend! Welcome to the club! :)