Wednesday, July 7, 2010

No Cankles yet!

I was inspired by a girlfriend of mine who got some ruby red toes in honor of Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz! My little splurge for the last few months has been to get a mani/pedi once or twice a month more to keep up with the growing nails from the prenatals. So on Monday I got some ruby red toe nails with silver glitter! So far I haven't noticed any cankles on a regular basis, but did notice a little swelling after working 3-4 days in a row on crazy nights where I don't sit down for 10 hrs/shift!!!! But after sleeping and waking up the swelling is gone- thank goodness!!!


Jen said...

Cute! Love 'em!

"There's no place like home." :)

Karma said...

Pretty! What are cankles??