Tuesday, July 6, 2010

More home maintenance to a 90 yr old home....

We had a few quotes to fix our flat roof and guttering early April. We picked Hackman and Sons and called them in May or so to get the job scheduled. They told us their calendar was very full, but they would call us as it got closer to a time when they could come out and do the job. The job included making our flat roof/porch have an incline so that water didn't sit on the porch and attach guttering so water isn't falling straight down near our foundation. They were unable to make the grade as high as they wanted due to the door; but it has incline that keeps the going where it needs to go. After the work was done Lance from Hackman (the guy who came out and gave us the original quote) came back and made sure the job was to his satisfaction. The quote and the bill were the exact amount. We've had a few rains and we are very happy with the results.

The faucet works just fine; but there is a tiny hole that "spits" water when the water filter is in use. So, I called Matt Skillen, PhD :) We were at Home Depot and were pretty sure that the faucet was a 4 hole- and we were right! Yes!!!!
Matt got the old faucet out, cleaned up the area where the old faucet had been, and....
....installed the new faucet with a new clean sprayer!!!! (not the yucky plastic one with corrosion) No leaks and the water filter fits! Thanks Dr.Matt- free labor with just the price of parts! Gotta love DIY projects that get completed without any need for the professionals!!!

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