Monday, July 5, 2010

Baby Shower in Kansas!

We made it to the land of OZ when I was around 19wks. This was our scheduled time to be back in the land of OZ! We were there June 1st- 9th and it was HOT! It wasn't unusually hot for KS, I just wasn't used to the heat considering in PA we had the windows open and no A/C for awhile.

To be back before the harvest of wheat is so special- I love seeing the ocean of gold when we drive out of town to see Matt's family. I saw a pheasant and so we stopped to try to get a photo, but is spooked so I didn't get it. Instead I got a few shots of the wheat blowing in the wind. I've always been a city girl, but put be in a wheat field and I am in heaven...until it gets too hot and I need to get back in the car with the A/C!

I got to see my sweet niece Adylynn and how she loves her Grandpa Steve (aka my dad). I think he is enjoying the grandpa title to it's fullest potential and I love it! It's so neat to see a 6ft big guy play with a baby!
We got to see Tim a little bit, but I got to hang out with Jojo and Adylynn as much as possible while we were there. I got to see Sarah a bit, but it was her work week so our time was limited :(
Mom and Jojo hosted our baby shower. Jojo was in charge of the cake and she delivered! She had cupcakes made by the same lady at one of her baby showers and said it tasted so good she wanted me to have the same experience. She didn't disappoint.

The turn out of family and friends took my breath away! We were so honored and so blessed to see everyone who was able to attend!

Thank you again to everyone who was able to come and celebrate with us! We are soooo excited!

Later in the week Devon (best friend since 1st grade) meet up with us for lunch and suggested PEI WEI- now I have to google it and find out if there is one near us in PA....can you say yum!!!! Not sure were the closest PF Changs is from our house in PA; but I will take the close second to PEI WEI if I can find it!
I am not sure if I can find the photos, but Devon and I always got back to back photos for school dances and the like-so why wouldn't we get one when we are both pregnant. She is a month or so ahead of me obviously and it is her third child. Her two kiddos were so good at lunch and I cannot believe how big they are!

One more special stop before we left the land of OZ was to Stoneware Studio. Sadly, but for a needed close to a chapter Stoneware Studios will be closing the end of July after 4 amazing years. Matt and I painted our last pieces while we visited with the owner Gaylene. She also mailed us a mobile she hand painted in the mail that I am so excited to hang it in the nursery (don't worry this one isn't going over the crib)!

We again covet your prayers during this time of growth, development, and anticipation of Baby Skill-it!

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Jen said...

Looks like a great turn out at your baby shower. Sure wish I could have been there!