Monday, August 9, 2010

Baby Skill-it: Boy or Girl?

We went to Carters at the Outlets in Lancaster and found one boy and one girl outfit that are super cute. I really looked for a pink outfit for the girl outfit; but I couldn't find one that I liked! How crazy is that?!?! These two are both going to be great for October/November weather. We found a white headband with a blue flower for the girl outfit. Of course receipts are saved and verified the return policy with Carters because we are very sure we are only having one Baby Skill-it this time around :)

So what do you think is Baby Skill-it going to be a boy or girl? Any guesses?


Brandi said...

I'm going with boy!!

Shea said...

Girl, girl, girl!!!!!

Johannah said...

Love the outfits. Did you get premie or nb?

I say girl and then you can name her Brooklynn. Then we will have Adylynn, Maddylynn(sp), and Brooklyn! Wouldn't that be fun! Just kidding.

Laura said...

I say boy - I have no idea why. Just think it is a boy.