Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Secret Weapons in your diaper bag?

I have always seemed to carry way to much in my purse and now with the future use of a diaper bag I really want to have what I need but not have everything but the kitchen sink! I know I need 6-8 diapers, wipes, diaper rash ointment, changing pad, hand sanitizer, at least 1 change of clothes, a blanket, toys, my wallet, Tylenol (for me), cell phone, and a blanket. My sister has also given me these baggies that smell like baby powder so I can discard stinky diapers in trash cans without feeling guilty for leaving a little deposit. At some point we will add bottles.

So to all the other moms or dads out there, what are you secret weapons you keep in the diaper bag?

This is my diaper bag! I love it and Matt likes it too- a huge plus! It also has clips to hang on the stroller.!


mommyjoymarie said...

The only things I can think that are "left out" (and they aren't necessities) are a nursing cover and sling...two things that always had with me for #3, and I wish I would have used them more with #1 and #2!!

Johannah said...

ok, ok, ok ...I will comment! You crack me up. I put a wal-mart sack for when I have to use my change of clothes. You could use one of those blue bags, that would save some room. Nursing cover is a must and I put two burp rags incase one gets really yucky. Eventually you will have to put tylenol for the baby in your bag too for when teething starts. Hopefully that will be later than 3 months for you. I can't think of anything else. I will let you know if I do.

Are you happy now??? Love you!

Marla said...

I always have a nasal aspirator in mine also, b/c you never know when your little one will need his/her nose cleaned. And definitly an extra plastic bag or big ziploc for the soiled clothes, if there is an accident.:)

Devion said...

I was gonna say baby Tylenol and teething tablets...Johannah got the Tylenol, though. Teething tablets are all natural and worked WONDERS for Conrey. They didn't work at all for Cassie. However, I would say that it is WORTH the small price to find out if they work or not!

Also, I found these things at Walmart that are food grade cleaning wipes. They are called paci wipes, but are great for pacis that fall on the floor, sippies that have fallen or gotten gross, tables, etc. They are not soapy like baby wipes and smell good too! :) PLEASE don't be a my-baby's-paci-just-fell-on-the-floor-so-I-stick-it-in-my-mouth mommy. GROSS! Why do you want the FLOOR in YOUR mouth?!? Pretty sure those lips will be kissing your baby at some point, so it is not only gross, but defeats the purpose!

If you're using pacis, I always have a baggie/paci pod of 2-4 pacis and then a baggie that is marked dirty for the ones that fall. Now that I have my wipes, I might eliminate the dirty bag, but if you're doing pacis, always have EXTRAS! Oh, and if you are going to try pacis, buy several kinds now. You never know which one your baby will prefer. VERY important in the middle of the night that you have an assortment to try with an upset baby...even if you're not planning to use them, you still might have some on hand in case you're desperate!

Devion said...

Sorry, but I thought of another one: BREAST PADS!!!!!!!!! Make sure you have extras. You never want big 'ol wet headlights! If you go to the chiropractor when you're nursing, MAKE SURE YOU'RE WEARING THEM BEFORE LAYING FACE DOWN!!! I've had too, too many embarrassed patients that get up sopping wet!

Laura said...

I can't help with this one. 1) It has been too long ago and you think you will never forget those days, but you do. And 2) Lots of times we didn't even have a diaper bag with us. We usually had a diaper or two in the car and that worked for us. :)