Thursday, October 7, 2010

36 wks and 5 days!

Today was our 37 wk OB appt. I continue to be impressed by how well I am being cared for at the May-Grant office. I am able to sit down and am encouraged to ask questions. They make eye contact with me and don't rush me at all. They encourage Matt to ask questions and include him in the conversations. I know this should be the norm; but at different offices it isn't. I have met 3 different mid-wives in the 4 visits. They have all been very encouraging and supportive of our desires to have the least amount of interventions during labor/delivery.

Baby Skill-it's hrt 130-140s and seems to be doing well. Test results came back and there is no need for antibiotics during labor- yeah!

After our appt we went to the Olde Village Grill in East Pete. The food was soooooo good and the coffee (decaf of course) comes from roasted beans from the nearby town of Litiz and hit the spot! All their desserts are home made- the carrot cake was so dense and the icing- fantastic!

Matt dropped me off at Elan Spa for my pamper appt while he observed a student teacher for the afternoon. I can't speak for his afternoon- but mine was one of those days you dream of! The afternoon started with a prenatal massage (hopefully my last one of this pregnancy...hint hint Baby Skill-it!) with Sara. Sara is awesome. I have been to her 3 times now and every time is amazing. I know I fall asleep at times during the massage.

After I came back to reality from the massage I enjoyed a refreshing snack and then it was off to the pedi chair. Erin did a great job on my feet and toes. She gave me a warmed neck wrap and I was out for a bit :) After my little toes were finished Erin started on my nails. Got the nails cut super short for Matt's sake and for the fact that they grow so fast but break so easy!!!

Today was an eventful, relaxing day. Finger's crossed that this little one comes when s/he is ready- but not too late please!

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dev said...

You hang in there! This is seriously the most challenging part of the pregnancy with the endless waiting, anticipation, curiosity, anxiety, etc. You will be holding that baby before you know it and you'll forget what life was like before s/he was here. Keep yourself distracted and sleep, sleep, sleep. I know you don't want to sleep your life away, but you'll need all of the energy you can get once the big day arrives. Love you and am praying for all 3 of you! HANG IN THERE!!! YOU ARE SO CLOSE!!!!!!!