Saturday, October 9, 2010

37 wks

At midnight Saturday morning baby Skill-it became 37wks gestation. It was a busy night at work and I did my best to snack mid evening. We had so many traumas last night that at one point I was asked to "drop" in a trauma. Trauma bays are over 80 degrees. After putting on lead, a gown, hat, and gloves I am sure my body temp went sky high....oops! Luckily I only had to be in the bay all gowned up for less than 20 minutes or so- but it took me awhile to cool off. After downing some water and placing an ice pack on my neck I told my charge nurse I would be more than happy to watch other's patient loads while they went into the traumas because it really did take me almost 2 hrs to really cool off. I hadn't dropped in a trauma in over a month and in the last weeks I think my metabolism and body temp have risen and I can't tolerate the 80 plus degree room and working in the trauma. I am never cold any more! Work has been really good at trying to keep me out of the traumas; but sometimes things just happen. With these last few weeks left; I am going to have to stay away from the trauma bays.

Around 0530-0600 this morning at work I had some regular contractions about 5 minutes apart lasting 30-60 seconds, but they weren't painful. I was really hoping they might continue, but after 30 minutes of sitting down to chart and downing some more water they subsided- darn Braxton hick''s to hoping!

Each day from now on will be an adventure! Thinking the upcoming work schedule could have the potential for some more contractions.......


Sebastian said...

It's okay... Baby Skill-It will be here before you know it and then you will miss having them with you all the time ~ or so I've been told. Mama says to stay out of those trauma rooms or she will have to come get you!

Shea said...

Dear Baby Skill-it,
Please be nice to your mommy, as she anxiously awaits! We're all ready to see you, and crossing off the dates.
Your dad will be so happy and your mom will probably cry,
but only because they're glad to see you, so please don't be shy!
I can only hope that I can hold you, and see your perfect face. So tell your parents to come on down and drive at a very fast pace!
Let me be the first to say that your mom and dad are awesome! They've been there for me all the time and they have helped me blossom.
So come on kiddo, just wait and see, your parents are ready to add to the family tree.

Love you guys!!!
Good luck!

BEK said...

Shea that is soooooo sweet! Thank you for your kind words and wonderful poem!

Matt Skillen said...


You are an inspiration. God bless you.