Saturday, October 16, 2010

38 wks and Our Pumpkin Patch!

38 wks pregnant and waiting!

Welcome to our pumpkin patch! We didn't make it to a real pumpkin patch this year- next year there will be no excuse! But, we did make it to a market and picked up some pumpkins for the house.
We also have our Jack-O-Lantern patch in the front garden. The mums I planted last fall have exploded!
And a few little pumpkins on our porch.

I love the fall and all the foods, drinks, and festivities that begin and continue through the winter! There's just something about the smell in the air, the crispness in the wind, and crunch of the leaves! I think I will love this fall even more than others as we await with excitement and anticipation for the impending arrival of Baby Skill-it this fall!


Devion said...

I believe that that baby has GROWN since your list pictures! WOW! Now, just tell him/her to drop, engage, and get this show on the road, right?!? You still look high to me, but maybe it's just the pic. SOOOO close to falling head over heels in love!!!!!

BEK said...

I think I tend to have good posture and "suck it in" a bit with some of these photos. Baby Skill-it hasn't super dropped; but for me I know s/he has dropped in the last few weeks- but of course we are still waiting. Guestimate is around 7-7.5 lbs per the midwife. She said it's so scientific :) You imagine a 5Lb bag of sugar and then estimate from there :) We will have to wait and see :)

Jen said...

I'd have to agree - there is a BIG difference between these pics and the ones posted previously! You look like you are about to pop! :)

It is down to the wire, isn't it? :D SOOOO excited for you!!!!

Jen said...

Yoo hoo! I am ready for some pictures of Wyatt, please! :)

Much love to your little family!