Wednesday, October 27, 2010

One week ago today....

One week ago today we went from two to three.....
Here are a few photos, well a lot of photos from the week-

Still learning about my little guy in the hospital. I started feeling more normal within 12-24 hrs and got into my own clothes! I never knew how much better one feels out of a hospital gown!

It's our little silk worm :) We love the swaddlepod!
My blood type is O+; Wyatt's is A+. We didn't have an Rh factor issue; but if any of my children have a blood type other than O there will be an ABO incompatibility which breaks down red blood cells and causes jaundice. Thank goodness Wyatt is such a good nurser! He pooped out the bilirubin and we took advantage of the sunlight too.
Bilirubin is okay at 9, the day we go home; but a repeat blood draw on Saturday was in our future. At our Monday doctor's appt we found out his bili on Saturday was 7.5 and in the office it was down to 5.5! Good job Wyatt!

Time to go home in our going home outfit!!!!

Wyatt was honored at our church service with the traditional white carnation. We took him to church in his stroller with the netting on it so everyone could see him; but no touching :)

Special time

Sunday was so beautiful and sunny we took advantage of the sun to decrease Wyatt's bilirubin.

Mom sent me 2 "hooter hiders" she made for me and Wyatt- we tried one out on the porch!
Wyatt and daddy bonding's amazing the power a sleeping baby has!
Wyatt's first official full bath! We have been wiping down Wyatt with body/facial wipes daily, but last night we made time do give him a full body treatment including a scalp massage :)

He loved his hair being washed and brushed!
Though he is content in this photo- a bed bath is not Wyatt's favorite. We are waiting for his cord to fall off so we can see how he likes a real bath.

We have been so blessed. Sleep is minimal; but it is enough for now. Updates to follow as time and sleep allows :)


Karma said...

He looks like a little man in his going home outfit. Wyatt is adorable! Congratulations!!

Devion said...

LOVE the pictures! He is precious! I was just going to throw this out there for argument's sake. Keaton's cord lingered and lingered and showed no sign of even preparing to fall off. Finally, I was tired of it and researched online. The US is the only country in the far as I could tell from research...that pays any special attention to the cord. All other countries bathe their babies in normal baths and they see cord fall off within 7 days...sometimes less. Keaton's was over 2 weeks before I decided to bathe him and see what happened. It went from fully attached to gone within 2 days. I would alcohol it after the bath just to be sure that I wasn't introducing bacteria to it. However, my research showed that other countries certainly don't mess with alcohol.

Personally, I think that the 2 babies that I alcohol'd (the first 2, obviously) fell off at least a week sooner than this time. Once I bathed him and used the alchol, it came right off.

Someone online explained the bath thing as the same process as when a scab is soaked and then it gets softened and then hardens back up, but not as securely as before...same thing.

Sorry this is so long. I was appealing to the nurse in you. ;) Just a thought.

Love ya and can't wait to see more pics as Wyatt changes and grows!

Devion said...

Oh, and FYI, once I move, we'll ONLY be 1,511 miles apart! :) I just google mapped it to see what the distance will be. Don't think I'll be meeting Mr. Wyatt in person any time soon........

Jen said...

Love the pictures! He is such a cute, cute, cute little boy! I am thrilled for you!