Saturday, November 6, 2010

The first 2 wks of life - lots of photos :)

Wyatt's first visitors at home. Jess and Tim brought us some awesome dinner and in return we let them see Wyatt :) We will miss you guys at church since you have such a crazy schedule :(

Wyatt's umbilical cord was hanging by a thread just after being a week old....
After some cuddling and a feeding it was discovered that at his next diaper change, Wyatt became CORDLESS!!! Yea!!! What a milestone :)
Thursday evening my mom flew in. With Wyatt arriving earlier than scheduled, mom decided she had to change her flight to see him as soon as possible! I was so excited to see her and for her to see Wyatt in person and not just on Skype.

Grandma holding Wyatt the first night she was here.
Mom is able to do some of her work via the internet- she wishes she could do more of it away from the office. We have our fingers crossed that mom will be able to have more freedom in working from home/away from the office.
Trick or Treat in Etown 10/29/2010- Happy Fall!
Our little pumpkin!
With mom here I was able to actually rest during the day. Matt caught a photo of Wyatt and me taking a cat nap Sunday afternoon after church.
Boppy pillow, pillows all around, water bottle, tea, and Grandma Lois' quilt within reach. Wyatt and I were set for the afternoon!
Monday afternoon after going to the doctor's office to check on the plastibell we stopped at daddy's office for lunch and to show off :) Wyatt is growing out of his "up to 7 lbs" outfit! The sleeves are now 3/4 sleeves and the leg length is now a high water length :)

November 2nd! Voting day (and Wyatt's due date per ultrasound) Mommy went in to vote and then Grandma got a photo of Wyatt and mommy outside of the building. Wyatt was dressed in his elephant outfit.....not in donkeys :)

After voting we headed to our breastfeeding group were Wyatt weighed #7 12 oz!!! At 13 days old he has passed his birth weight of #7 4.4 oz!

Grandma and mommy had lunch at the Hershey Pantry (which we found is family friendly- but not baby friendly- bathroom way too small, no changing table and they don't allow strollers- too many tables in a small room) But we enjoyed our time and Wyatt slept in his carseat.

After lunch we went to the Quiltmaker's Cottage, which is baby friendly! No problem with the stroller there and they oohed and awwed over Wyatt which made mommy smile :)

November 3rd Wyatt and mommy didn't get out of our jammies until 4PM or so. We had done enough on Tuesday that we both decided Wednesday was a wash.

November 4th Grandpa Steve arrived and got to see Wyatt in person for the first time!

Wyatt was dressed in camo just for Grandpa Steve today. He did have his hunter orange pants and hat on at the airport, but by this time it was time to just lounge with Grandpa!
Lounging in Grandma Lois' quilt after feeding.

We've had such a great time with Grandma and Grandpa Love- we can't believe they will be going home soon. We have been so blessed and so grateful they have been here. I really think I have been able to heal and get some extra needed sleep/rest because my mom has been here to help!

Thanks mom- I don't think you know how special this time has been for me. Thank you again for your love, support, doing laundry, cleaning the house, fixing meals, and making sure I rested and didn't overdue it :)


Dory said...

Awwww, so precious. Nothing is sweeter than a newborn babe. Even when you're so tired you can't see straight...

White Hot Magik said...

Aww! What a sweetie.