Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Photo with Santa at Bass Pro

Wyatt and momma read the Legend of St. Nick over the weekend.

When we were at the mall for some errands in Harrisburg on Saturday we saw the line for Santa and decided we would wait. We went back to the mall Monday night right after 5 and just before 6PM- guess what?! We were the third family in line!

It has been very cold here, so Wyatt got to try out his bunting coat. Worked like a charm!

Wyatt even opened his eyes for the photo!

Merry Christmas!


Matt, Rebekah, & Wyatt


Devion said...

Great video guys. Much improved over 2 years ago with the nervous laughing and pauses. :) Just teasing. It helps when you have something so exciting to talk about! :) Love you all and hope you have an awesome holiday season!

Anonymous said...

hello my friends! Bryan and are ecstatic for you. Wyatt is beautiful! what amazing eyes!

i know, i stink at staying in touch. i'll try to do better. i'm even making your blog a favorite on the computer.

Love, Shannon Klukas