Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dodge City

Dodge City in Harrisburg?  Yep, it even made it on to Kitchen Impossible! We never went to it before the makeover. Our friends Lloyd and Karen saw it on TV and I caught the very end of the episode, so we decided to check it out.

We did like the food and the atmosphere was nice. It wasn't very busy on a Thursday at 7PM- we think they cater to a crowd that eats a little earlier.......we saw some of them leaving as we were walking in. I was grateful that there wasn't very many people because Wyatt is becoming a very verbal boy and at almost 13 months expecting him to sit still for a nice dinner is just not realistic. Towards the end of dinner and before dessert Wyatt and I walked around to check out the place. Then Matt took his turn letting Wyatt show him around.

This photo is when I realized I didn't have a baby on my hands anymore! He's getting so big!

Wyatt was all business on the horse as Grant was all smiles.

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