Saturday, November 12, 2011

Swimming and Alpacas

Another post typed in Jan 2012....

Wyatt has been taking swimming lessons and loving it. He has even handled going underwater well. By then end of his first session of 6 classes he is trying to figure out how to blow bubbles. We are excited to see what he learns at his next session in January!

My absolute favorite shot! He's such a ham!

After this particular class we had lunch and then went to a local alpaca farm that was having their annual fall open house. Wyatt had gotten himself an alpaca hat when we saw the alpacas at the Central Market in Lancaster. I found a purple hat for myself while we were here.  Wyatt got to pet the alpacas and kept signing the sign for dog! Well, I guess they do look like big dogs to a 1 year old!

All bundled up, it was a little cooler than we had expected. I was glad I had a hoodie in the trunk of the car. 

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