Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Women are so important in my life and Wyatt's life

Today was such a special time. We, Wyatt and me, got to check out a new play place, The Playhouse Cafe. It was so much fun we will surely be back. We hope to take daddy out to lunch there sometime soon!

It was so nice to see some mommas that we haven't been able to connect with in the last months due to work/weather/the holidays. All of the babies are growing up so fast and we are becoming seasoned mothers- whatever that means.  It is so amazing to see how we have grown as women, mothers, and friends. I am so blessed to have such a great support system of women around me and around Wyatt. I miss my sisters, cousins, aunts, mother-in-law, sister-in-law, and especially my mom; but since we don't currently live near them I am so thrilled to have such wonderful women in my life. There are times when I have given support and encouragement and then there are times when I'm the one needing the support and encouragement!

My life truly would not be the same without all of you!

Thank you so much to all the women in my life!

Now, Playhouse Cafe, why haven't I known about you for the last 15 months!!!!

We got to the Playhouse Cafe a little early to scope out the place!  

I should have snapped some photos of Wyatt playing in the Tot Spot, but I was enjoying watching him, talking with the other moms, and actually getting to eat lunch!

Sitting down with a friend to have lunch.
My little boy is getting so big, no need to use a high chair when they have a kid's table! 

He loves grilled cheese and is able to feed himself. Momma is learning when to let and go and let him grow! He surprises me everyday with what he can do! Today it was sitting in a chair all by himself!


Sittin' so big!

Having fun with his friends.

Wow....Elmo is so tall!

Wyatt loved the music being played when Elmo came out.  He even enjoyed hanging out with Elmo for a bit. 

Happy and relaxed.
I had to take him back so Elmo could see the other kids. He was content just to hang out and watch everything from Elmo's arms.

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