Sunday, January 22, 2012

Wyatt's lovey and his newest form of entertainment

For Christmas Wyatt received many blessings, and so did Momma and daddy!  But there were two gifts that have kept giving even until now!

My little boy loves Snoopy from Gm2 (Great grandma Jo). He only goes to be with his snoopy, his blankie animals are no match for his snoopy.  I'm thinking we might need to get a spare just in case the unthinkable happens! Thank you so much Gm2 Jo- he wakes up every morning hugging his snoopy. Every nap at home and every bedtime he has snoopy. Even if he falls asleep in my arms I lay him down and he curls his arms around his snoopy.

These shots were from Christmas day. He had opened Gm2 Jo's gift on 12/23 and had grown attached to Snoopy from the very beginning. We took Snoopy to Christmas Eve service for hopes to keep him occupied from talking too much during the service. It worked!

Such a sweet boy

My silly boy

On 12/23 Wyatt also opened his gift from Gm Deah. He absolutely loves his race car ramp. He puts the cars in it, he puts his socks in it, he puts other toys in it, and he also loves to sit in it himself. Though I think he is disappointed that is doesn't spin when he is in it!

One last photo of a boy and his stuffed doggy.  I just love this little guy! 

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