Monday, July 16, 2007


I recently was honored to visit a friend's birthday party for their 2yr son. I had also had the honor to be at his baby shower prior to his birth and his 1 yr birthday. These experiences have caused me to pause.

Birthdays are fun even when we reach that point of no return and want to start going back down our hills to find our youth rather than going over it. I am turning 27 this September. I know I am not considered old, but I am no longer that young, early 20s, woman who didn't have to really worry about the future- or didn't really feel the need to plan for the future.

Watching "H" celebrate his 2nd birthday made me smile. He has no clue what Saturday meant. He really didn't care about his gifts-well maybe one or two of them. He loves his John Deere riding lawn mower. But he really has no clue, but we all do. We hope for his future. That this coming year will bring him potty training, learning how to play and talk with others, how to share mom and dad with his new baby brother, and continued health.

In fact for my coming birthday I am thankful for health, a job, my husband and family, and hope for the future. I guess turning a year older isn't so bad, at least I can say I have 27 years experience on this earth and have learned a little of what birthdays are all about- being blessed to share time with family and friends....

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